Quality policies


We are the only architecture studio certified with the ISO 9001-2008 Management System.

Apart from feeling proud of it, this certification has also led us to redefine terminologies and paradigms that come from other times and that have been passed on from one generation to the next.

Building processes as well as the personal skills required to work in architecture have changed.

The market requires this profession to adapt to the new demands of a globalised and constantly changing world.

We have turned the ISO 9001-2008 System into a methodological tool with the objective of consolidating explicit, measurable and traceable procedures.







Quality Bases:

1. Knowledge
Knowing our clients’ needs, fulfilling and exceeding their expectations through the work done.

2. Consolidation
Of the organization and its staff.

3. Partnerships
Building up professional and business links with a win/win aim.

4. Commitment
We commit to a permanent improvement of our processes in order to assure quality and profitability.

5. Updating
Being constantly aware of improvements in technology, resources and knowledge.

6. Methodology
Using a standardized work methodology that includes professionals from a diversity of areas to approach the projects.

7. Sustainability
Including eco-design just from the beginning with the objective of providing added value to the community through sustainable buildings.